"Photography is text, written by light" 

"I discovered photography in theatre, to be precise - not photography, but light. The magic of light. How light creates silhouettes, exposes shapes,  expresses movement. I call it - the sculpture of light. The last thing was to discover a way how to capture this magic. It was the moment when photography was born in my life..."

My story:            J. Vienožinskis Art School, Vilnius,

Vilnius Academy of Arts, bachelor of textile design

Vilnius Academy of Arts, master of photography and video art

Practice in Manfred Studio, Chicago, USA

15 years of practice in advert, fashion, portrait photography. Creating interior designs, scenography projects, stage lighting.

AISTĖ RIDIKAITĖ, sports, events & adventure photographer, studio assistant

"The coolest thing you can do - is doing it"

"Though photography was always in my life, getting involved in extreme sports was the point of no return. I fell in love with action and adventure photography. The quest of finding and capturing the ideal moment, the movement and action itself, the flash of emotion, the tick of fear defeated, the technical precision, the spark of success – all these things excite me in my work. Shooting extreme sports taught me to capture the best possible moment and the most natural emotion, find the most interesting background and work in the natural light environment..."

6 years of practice in event, action and adventure photography. Same time of close friendship with Photoshop.

Little bit of everything…some cooperation with international magazines and well established brands, some acknowledgements by local Lithuanian photographer community, some trainings with notable photographers ☺

KRISTINA KEKYTĖ, postproduction designer

"Details make the difference""

"When I was little my daddy kept telling me: "If You do something, do it at your best". That's the principle I live with - looking for perfection all the time. It was exciting day when I discovered photoshop. Since then all my free time was dedicated to mastering the program and step by step it turned into my full-time work. Every time when I open an image - it's like an empty canvas for me - full of possibilities for creativity. I enjoy precise image altering and retouching, giving naturally looking and believable results."  

7 years in love with Photoshop, a bit less with Illustrator, Indesign and other awesome Adobe tools.

Photo retouching, manipulating, creating web designs.


"Less is more"

"I was first introduced into art by my parents, who encouraged me to spend countless hours in Vilnius Old Town courtyards painting spires of churches and townhouses. After moving to New York with a sole purpose of learning proper English I had accidentally met a painter who liked my works and suggested to apply for an admission to an art school. Initially I thought it a futile idea, but, what the hell, what‘s wrong with trying? Nothing wrong, except that I spent years in California, mastering things that I never expected to encounter in my life – graphics design, computer aided design etc etc.

After moving back to Lithuania I have joined Cosmopolitan Lithuania team as the Art Director of the magazine where I learned that dealing with images is one thing (you study, you graduate, voila!), while dealing with glitterattis, celebs and cover girls is an entirely different dimension (you study but you never graduate). Need I say, that I prefer dealing with images, thank you!"

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